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6 Great Things Happening in Your Community

6 Great Things Happening in Your Community

6 Great Things Happening in Your Community

With so much going on in the world right now, you can easily be bogged down by what’s not going super well. The truth is, there are a lot of people doing great things in your community.

Here are 6 incredible things going on right now in Parksville, Nanaimo, and Richnmond that we think you should know about.

Bikes for Kids Collaboration in Nanaimo

Over 1,000 kids in Nanaimo have received refurbished bikes from Bikes for Kids, a volunteer-based group that’s been refurbishing bikes and giving them away for 5 years.

“The sense of community and giving back, whether it be monetary or volunteering, is strong in Nanaimo. I am proud to call this place home and happy to give back whenever possible.”

Greg Nowik

Bikes for Kids collaborates with a local bike shop, Coal City Cycles, the RCMP, and the Nanaimo School District to run its program from beginning to end. What about helmets? The Nanaimo Brain Injury Society makes sure that each kid gets one to go with their bike.

Bikes for Kids Collaboration in Nanaimo

Fresh Start for the First Day Back at School

Dave Lawrence, owner of That 50s Barbershop in Nanaimo, is working hard to collect supplies and donations for Fresh Start, his annual back-to-school fundraiser for families in need.

Kids get a fresh haircut and a bag of school supplies — crayons, paper, backpacks, and binders — just in time for the school year. It’s possible this year will have the biggest turnout yet.

“The need is there, it’s never going to go away. There will always be more and more people finding out about this. The level of poverty just seems to be rising. Families will always need this.”

Dave Lawrence

Follow along on Fresh Start’s Facebook page for donation requests and event updates.

Used Laptops for Families in Need

After a first successful year, London Drugs’ Tech Drive is back. The Richmond-based retailer has partnered with Computers for Schools Plus, a Government of Canada program that collects used computers to help families in need. Last year London Drugs alone gave over 200 computers to families across Western Canada.

Demand is highest for laptops, but the program also accepts desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. The Tech Drive is currently underway until September 22.

Small Business at the Heart of Parksville

Small Business at the Heart of Parksville

The Society of Organized Services (SOS) has a new initiative — Biz for Good — where they generate buzz for local small businesses in exchange for donations to a special cause. Appropriately named Project Rebuild, the funds go towards supporting seniors, helping kids thrive, and reducing poverty in the local Parksville community.

For over 50 years, the SOS has relied on funds raised through their thrift shop — 80% of their revenue go towards programs for low-income residents. But 2020 was a hard year. The pandemic hit SOS hard financially and brought several urgent community needs to light. Through Biz for Good, the SOS is hoping to meet their fundraising goal while supporting local small businesses along the way.

Creative Writing for Confidence and Connection

The Richmond Women’s Resource Centre (RWRC) has started an innovative program for teen girls. Called Hot Ink, the program builds confidence and leadership skills through a series of creative activities like poetry scavenger hunts, folklore creating, and group writing. At the end of the 12-week program, the group publishes a magazine that includes the work they’ve created.

“I understand that most high school students don’t want to sit in another class with teachers lecturing them for an hour and thirty minutes. Hot Ink isn’t only about creative writing, it’s more about having fun and connecting with others within the community.”

Elaine Hu, administrative assistant with RWRC

The Richmond Women’s Resource Centre is a mostly volunteer-run group that offers resources, education, training, and peer support to women.

Affordable Internet for Your Community

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