Babbl Internet Plans

Whatever you’re doing online at home, Babbl has a plan to fit.

Internet 25


+ $50.00 one-time activation and delivery fee.*

A connection for casual online users. Email, surfing and light streaming

Great for up to 2 devices

Up to 25Mbps Down / 2.5Mbps Up

Unlimited data

Internet 100


+ $50.00 one-time activation and delivery fee.*

Powering YouTube jams, Netflix chill, and Zoom singalongs.

Great for up to 10 devices

Up to 100Mbps Down / 10Mbps Up

Unlimited data

Internet 250


+ $50.00 one-time activation and delivery fee. *

A connection ready for any online family experience.

Great for up to 25 devices

Up to 250Mbps Down / 15Mbps Up

Unlimited data

* Non Refundable

Babbl. It’s Just Easy.

Get high-speed internet delivered right to your home. No service appointments, no waiting, no hassle. Just Babbl.

Order Online: Fast and Simple

Delivered Right to Your Home

Competitive Rates in Western Canada

Self-Serve Set Up

Start Babbling

We’re born digital, but we’re not robots (well, not all of us!). We make it easy for you to get the internet service you want, even if it’s self-serve wifi. But you’re not alone. We’re always there to help if you need it.

Common Questions

Is Babbl available in my community?

You can find out if Babbl is available where you live in BC by entering your postal code here. If you are wondering who has the best internet service in BC, look no further than Babbl.

Do I need a technician to install my modem?

Almost never. Our modems are super easy to set up for those who want to do self-installed wifi. Follow these simple instructions when your modem arrives. On rare occasions, a tech may need to visit your home to activate a disconnected outlet.

Do I need to cancel with my other provider?

Yes. Yes. Once you have your Babbl internet up and running, call your old provider to cancel your plan. We’re confident you’ll love Babbl for your high-speed home internet needs. If you are with an existing TPIA, you will need to send in a cancellation for the date that you chose to activate Babbl.

What brand of modem are you supplying?

We will supply you with a free Hitron rental modem. These high quality devices provide our customers with excellent home internet service, including great uptime.

How long does it take to get Babbl Internet?

It takes us about 5 days to deliver your modem. Once it arrives, installation is super fast and easy. That said, not every day is perfect and it could take an extra day or so. Rest assured that you’re in good hands with Babbl, and we aim to make you happy with your internet plan.

How fast is your internet?

We currently offer three internet speed options: 75/7.5, 100/10, and 250/15. The speeds are in megabits per second (Mbps). Check out this article to run a speed test and get recommendations on what plan is right for you. See for yourself why Babbl is known for providing some of the fastest home internet services anywhere.

Affordable internet plans don’t necessarily need to be slow. That’s the beauty of Babbl—as a third-party ISP, we use the same infrastructure as the large companies, so we can deliver very fast speed with strong reliability and uptime. What makes Babbl unique is we can do it at a fraction of the cost.

What is Babbl’s mandate?

To offer Western Canadians a premium internet service at an affordable price that’s simple, has no contracts, and sticks to a no-hassle cancellation process. We endeavour to be the best home internet provider, and we invite you to experience the Babbl difference for yourself.

Are the plans unlimited?

Yes, we offer premium unlimited internet services at a great rate too. If the speed of our home internet plans doesn’t get your attention, then the price will. Scroll to the top of the page to see our offers.