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Most Common Home Internet Questions are listed below

Most Common Home Internet Questions

Is Babbl available in my community?

You can find out if Babbl is available where you live by entering your postal code here.

Do I need a technician to install my modem?

Almost never. Our modems are super easy to install. Follow these simple instructions when your modem arrives. On rare occasions a tech may need to visit your home to activate a disconnected outlet.

Do I need to cancel with my other provider?

Yes. Once you have your Babbl Internet up and running, give your old provider a call to cancel your plan.

If you are with an existing TPIA you will need to send in a cancellation for the date that you chose to activate Babbl.

How long does it take to get Babbl Internet?

It takes us about 5 days to deliver your modem. Once it arrives, installation is super fast and easy. That said, not every day is perfect and it could take an extra day or so.

What brand of modem are you supplying?

We will supply you with a free rental Hitron modem.

What is Babbl’s mandate?

To offer Western Canadians a premium internet service at an affordable price that’s simple, has no contracts, and sticks to a no-hassle cancellation process.

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