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What is a Third-Party Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

As a third-party ISP, Babbl is budget-friendly, making the internet more accessible to everyone. Great internet at better prices, that’s Babbl.
Same Internet, Better Price

Same Internet, Better Price.

Being a third-party ISP has its advantages. We bring you the same internet as the big companies, but for a fraction of the price — because we believe the internet should be affordable and fast.

Saving money on home internet wasn’t always possible, until third-party ISPs changed the game. Read on to find out why third-party ISPs like Babbl are awesome.

How Third-Party Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Work in Canada

We purchase access to the big companies’ (ISPs) ‘last-mile’ network infrastructure and offer a competitive service under a different brand, Babbl Internet. Using the pre-existing cables in your neighbourhood, Babbl brings you the same high-speed internet they provide, but at a better price. Amazing, right?

As a third-party ISP, we handle branding, marketing, provisioning services, billing, and operational logistics such as supply chain, network, and customer experience. In simpler terms, the big guys handle the pipes or the wires, and we take care of everything else that goes into creating an excellent internet experience for our customers.

Why Do Third-Party ISPs Exist?

Several years ago, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) mandated that telephone and cable companies sell access to their networks to independent Internet service providers (ISPs) at regulated wholesale prices. The purpose was to enable other smaller companies to enter the market, providing consumers with more choices and increasing competition.

Yes, you read that right — giving consumers more choice. It’s a good thing!

Babbl Communications is one of those smaller companies, and our signature brand, Babbl Internet, is an additional option in the marketplace. For customers who want fast, reliable and affordable internet, Babbl is the way to go!

Three Major Benefits for Consumers

Healthy competition among providers results in more choices and better prices for you, the consumer. Here are some other reasons why having third-party internet service providers in British Columbia, Alberta, and other Canadian provinces can benefit you:
more options

More Options

With offerings such as ours, you aren’t limited to choosing between the big two companies for home internet service in BC. You can now select your favourite provider, and we think yours will be Babbl!

Competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

As a digitally-focused company, we have fewer costs than the big companies, and we pass the savings along to you. You get the same great internet but at a better price. It’s a win-win.

Simple and friendly

Simple and Friendly

From signing up to receiving and activating your modem and accessing wifi, getting started with Babbl is a breeze. As a digital-born company, we don’t have the complexities that big companies do.

How Much Money Can Babbl Save You?

Our customers save anywhere from 15 to 25 percent on average by switching to Babbl. These savings keep more money in your pocket each year. Why pay more than you have to for the same high-speed internet? Check out our plans to see how much you can save. Choose Babbl, and experience our blazing fast internet for yourself!
How Much Money Can Babbl Save You

Our New-School Internet Service — for Your Home or Small Business

Internet access does not need to be complicated. At Babbl, our mission is to provide Western Canadians with incredible internet service and plans, but not in a traditional way.

Our digital-born model eliminates the complexities of dealing with big companies. We’re talking about crazy hold times and costs you shouldn’t have to pay for, like maintaining a large office building. By keeping things streamlined and digital, your internet service gets even better. We can’t wait for you to try Babbl!

Reliable Internet. No Contracts.

At Babbl, our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they’re locked into a contract. Check out Babbl’s affordable internet service plans, and sign up today if you’re ready!
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Hey, Western Canada! Get Ready for Babbl Internet

Sure, we’re a third-party ISP, but we’re so much more. Learn how we make the internet more accessible and more affordable without locking you into a contract.
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