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How It Works

Babbl brings you the freshest internet around. We provide fast, affordable, and reliable internet services with a simple three-step setup.
How It Works

Babbl Setup is Easy as 1–2–3

Get started with Babbl in three simple steps! Anybody can do it, and the instructions are easy to follow. Here are the steps in a nutshell.

The Details of Getting Started with Babbl Internet

Transparency is a cornerstone of how we do business. When we say the setup is easy, and you can do it yourself, we mean it.
Need extra help getting started? Check out these customer support questions:
Step 1:

Sign Up for Your Plan

Choose your internet plan, and complete our easy peasy signup form. All options include unlimited data and a combination modem/router.
Step 2:

Receive Your Modem

Getting wifi at home requires a modem, and we’ll ship yours (a modem/router combo device by Hitron) before the start date of your internet service. It usually takes about five days to arrive. If the modem is sent via:
Step 3:

Plug In and Go

This is the activation step. You’re almost there! Just a couple of things to plug in:
  1. Screw the coaxial cable (with the threads) into the back of the modem and to a cable outlet on your wall.
  2. Plug in power and wait 5–10 minutes (the modem is online when the top 4 lights are a solid colour).
  3. If the lights don’t go solid, repeat steps A and B above on another coaxial cable outlet on the wall.
If you need support from us, get in touch right away! We’ll be glad to help.

What Happens After Setting Up the Modem?

Self-serve internet is pretty cool, and when it’s this easy, you’ll wish you started Babbl-ing sooner.
get online and start surfing
Get Online and Start Surfing
It’s time to enjoy your affordable home internet for work, school, small business, entertainment, or whatever you want!
Simple Billing
Simple Billing
With Babbl, billing is a breeze. We use pre-authorized payments automatically processed to your credit card; you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes time to pay your bill!
No Contracts
No Contracts
With Babbl, you won’t have to sign any contracts; we keep things easy with month-to-month payments instead. We also promise hassle-free cancellation if that time ever comes.
That’s all there is to it. Getting set up with Babbl is super simple. You’re going to love it!
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The Best Internet Plan for You

Babbl offers Western Canadians affordable internet, with plans accommodating different internet needs. Want to know if we offer internet in your town or neighbourhood?

Awesome Internet Without the Overhead

Babbl delivers home internet that is fast, reliable, and affordable. As a digital-first company, we can pass on savings while providing you the same internet as the big companies. With Babbl, you’ll get the internet you want and the speed you need. Unlike other companies where you have to wait for a technician to get you started, we send you the modem and instructions to get going.

Babbl. A Wifi Company Born Digital.

As a digital-first company, we don’t have the same overhead as larger internet companies. This enables us to provide affordable high-speed wifi plans for your home at an attractive price. What’s more, all plans include unlimited data!

Word on the street is that wholesale rates will be reduced for third-party ISPs such as Babbl, making our offerings some of BC’s most affordable internet service plans.

Put simply, Babbl brings you premium, high-speed, affordable internet service at home — wherever you may be in BC.

A wifi company born digital

Ready to Get Started with Babbl Home Internet?

get online and start surfing

Quality Internet Service

With the same high-speed wires as the big companies, Babbl brings you the same internet at a better price.

Customer support

Customer Support

Customers rave about Babbl support. Anytime you have a question just text, email, or message us, and we respond super fast.



Babbl’s internet service uses high-end infrastructure. Keep streaming, gaming, or working without interruption!

Learn more about our fast, reliable and affordable internet services for your home or business. Check out our plans to see which one is best for your needs.
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