Babbl, the Freshest Home Internet in Western Canada

Our mission is to provide easy, breezy home internet services at affordable prices.

How It Works

Babbl Communications is a conduit to affordable and reliable home internet services. We are born digital, meaning we can operate at a much lower cost than incumbent service providers while passing the savings on to our customers. With a variety of inexpensive internet service plans, we make it easy to get access to high-speed wifi.

When it comes to home internet service, not all plans are the same. Some come bundled with expensive add-ons such as cable or landlines. Our mission is to provide the same level of home internet service as the big guys but with no costly upsells or hidden expenses. By delighting our customers, we aim to become a leader in affordable internet service in BC.


Online Sign-up:

Choose the affordable internet plan that best suits your household’s needs from Babbl’s various options (all plans include unlimited data).


Modem Activation and Delivery:

Modems are usually shipped a few days before your internet service activation date.

If the modem is sent via Canada Post, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

If the modem is sent via courier, you will be notified by text message with delivery details.


Simple Self Install:

Find an active cable outlet you can plug into when you have the modem. If there are multiple cable outlets, try each one to determine which is active.

Plug in the modem and wait approximately 5 minutes (the outlet is active if the top four lights on the modem go solid).

If you only see the power light solid and the 2nd light flashing after 5 minutes, the particular cable outlet has no signal and is inactive. If none of the available cable outlets work, contact us at or text (604) 265-9593 for assistance. We may need to schedule a technician for installation.

Note: You might receive an email shortly after ordering, stating that a technician appointment has been booked. It means our preliminary checks found that the cable line connecting your home is not connected and requires a technician visit. You can still attempt the self-installation before the technician’s appointment. If the cable is active, you can cancel the technician appointment with us.


You Are Online and Surfing:

Enjoy your affordable home internet experience.


Simple Billing:

Babbl operates through pre-authorized payments, making billing easy. NO CONTRACTS

Upon sign-up, your first month’s billing and processing fee will be billed to your credit card. Subsequent monthly billing will automatically be processed to your credit card one month after activation.

Babbl. Born Digital.


The buzz in the industry is that wholesale rates will be reduced, making our offerings some of the most affordable internet service plans in BC.

What does that mean, you ask?

Well, it means that third-party internet service providers (ISPs)—like Babbl—can provide you with the same reliable internet services you are used to, but at lower prices. We use the exact same high-speed internet infrastructure as the big players because it’s theirs, but being born digital allows us to provide home internet service better and faster with cost savings for you.

Put simply, Babbl brings you premium, high-speed, affordable internet service at home—wherever you may be in BC.