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Why Are Digital First Companies Good for the Consumer?

Why Are Digital First Companies Good for the Consumer?

Why Are Digital First Companies Good for the Consumer

2020 highlighted the importance for companies to go digital like never before. With the world suddenly thrown into a tailspin, and social isolation in full effect, companies everywhere were forced to quickly pivot in order to keep up with a world suddenly gone fully digital.

For businesses that had yet to make a digital transformation before Covid struck, the situation was dire and complex — forcing a mad scramble to quickly convert existing processes and technologies to suit the new digital normal.

Other businesses, those known as ‘digital-first’, fared significantly better. With digital practices already deeply entrenched, these digital-first companies were able to more readily pivot to meet the needs of a Covid world (including connecting a newly remote workforce and servicing all consumer transactions online).

Why Are Digital First Companies Good for the Consumer

The impact of Covid on business will be long-lasting — with many businesses understanding that to survive now means to have a strong digital mindset. In fact, according to a recent study by KPMG, some 63% of businesses have ramped up their digital transformation budget in the wake of Covid.

But what does it actually mean to be digital-first? In this post, we’ll take a look at the qualities that define digital-first organizations, and more importantly, why they’re good for you, the consumer.

What Makes a Digital-First Organization?

A digital-first organization is one whose practices are adapted to a digital world. That means, of course, the right technologies in place to enable its business to be conducted digitally.

But it also means much more. In fact, it’s a mindset.

For the digital-first business, providing great service to its consumers and people is priority number one. To achieve that great service, digital-first businesses prioritize agile and responsive thinking — both of which are backed by nimble technology tools and platforms that help them to quickly respond to the changing needs of their audience.

Why Digital-First Is Good For the Consumer

Why Digital-First Is Good For the Consumer

Now that we’ve defined what a digital-first business is, let’s take a look at the key benefits they bring to you, the consumer:

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Babbl Communications is a digital-first home internet service provider — in fact, we were born digital. Being digital-first means we can operate at a lower cost and pass those savings over to our customers. As a modern digital platform, our principle of ‘simple everything’ guides us in everything that we do. And it’s this principle that drives us to solve the typical internet frustrations that customers have tolerated for years. Babbl is where innovation lives and differentiation thrives.

Being digital-first also means that we’re inherently agile and can quickly pivot to serve our customers’ changing needs. In fact, there is no provider in Vancouver and the surrounding area that can rapidly adjust to serve customer pain points like Babbl can. This is largely because large incumbent providers are handcuffed by clunky internal software and practices that are simply not equipped to adapt to today’s rapidly changing customer expectations.

Babbl is home internet exactly how it should be — simple, affordable, and innovative.

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