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How Fast Should My Internet Speed Be?

How Fast Should My Internet Speed Be?

How Fast Should My Internet Speed Be?

How does internet speed work and how do you know if the internet plan you have is actually meeting your needs or if you’re paying extra for internet you don’t need? Find out what the difference is between Internet 100 and Gig speed internet. And which will work for you.

Internet speed is almost always considered when selecting your internet plan but It can all be a little confusing because what really makes up internet speed relies on a number of different elements. Having a strong internet speed is essential for getting work done faster, sending emails quicker, or comfortably streaming your favourite shows without having to deal with buffering videos.

Take a look at your current internet plan and conduct a speedtest (it’ll only take a few seconds to run) to find out what you’re paying for your internet. And read the rest of this blog to find out if you’re getting what you’re paying for with your home internet.

Sample Telus Bill

Here is an example of your customer statement from Telus. Take a look under “Home Internet” for your internet speed.

Having a better understanding of what you are actually buying can help you decide if your current plan is really worth it. You may just end up switching plans to one better equipped for your needs and save more on the internet you use. Find out what you could be saving on a more affordable internet plan: “What Will You Do with All the Money You Save on More Affordable Internet?

Here are a few terms and concepts you might come across when considering internet speed. Finally, test your Internet speed and decide if your current plan is delivering the service you need.

Avoid Ping or Latency

1. Ping/Latency

This is the time it takes for internet data to travel from its original source to the device you’re currently using and is also known as latency.

You might find yourself experiencing latency when there is buffering in video calls with family and friends or lagging in video games. The main contributors to latency are distance and objects that could obstruct your Wi-Fi signal.


2. Upload & Download Speeds

Upload and download speeds are what make up your internet speed. Depending on what you are doing on your internet, whether it’s streaming, video calling, or simply browsing, your device requires downloading or uploading information to/from the internet. How fast that happens depends on the speed at which your download and upload returns on your speed test.

To break it down further, imagine you have a download speed of 250 Mbps and need to download a folder containing data files, photos, or videos and its file size shows 500 Mb. The time it takes to download those files would be 2 seconds. The exact same is seen for uploading the same size document to the internet.

Upload & Download Speeds

3. Mbps/Gbps

What are megabits per second (Mbps) and Gigabits per second (Gbps)? Well, they are simply units of measurement for your internet speed, like kilometers per hour are used to measure the speed of your car. Together, the speed at which data is uploaded or downloaded make up your internet speed and give you an idea of how far you can push your streaming, gaming, and browsing experience.

For reference, Netflix states that streaming a standard definition (SD) movie/show requires approximately 3 Mbps, a High Definition (HD) movie/show requires around 5 Mbps. To stream the same movies/shows in Ultra HD/4K requires around 25 Mbps.

Netflix Recommended Streaming Bandwidth Standards
Type of Show Approximate Required Internet Speed
Standard Definition (SD) Show
3 Mbps
High Definition (HD) Show
5 Mbps
Ultra HD/4K Show
25 Mbps

So to break it down, if you’re paying for internet with 100 Mbps download speed after conducting your speed test, you should be able to stream 20 HD movies/shows at once.

It’s important to know that everyone’s actual internet speed can be different from what’s stated on the plan, due to the elements mentioned above and more. We hope this gives you the tools you need to better understand the basics of internet speed and find the right internet plan that meets your needs.

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Now that you have a better idea of what makes up your internet speed, have a look at your current speed by using the tool below:
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