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Internet Resellers The Key to Affordable Home Internet

Affordability in Canada has been a hot topic as of late. With inflation on a steep incline, the cost of nearly all necessary goods and services has hit unprecedented price points. This rise has affected everything from gasoline and groceries to home internet. And nearly all Canadians are feeling the pinch.

But as far as home internet prices go, there is a solution — and it all comes down to creating more customer choice. Speaking with CTV’s Ross McLaughlin, Jason Speers, president of Babbl Home Internet, explained why internet resellers are vital to keeping home internet prices down in Canada.

Not so long ago, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) set out to create a more competitive home internet market by offering discounted wholesale broadband rates to internet resellers. Unfortunately, following massive pressure by big carriers like Telus, Bell, Shaw, and Rogers, that decision was overturned in government in 2021 resulting in massive barriers to entry for new resellers.

This decision has cost the average Canadian immensely, said Speers. As a former Shaw employee, Speers is on a mission to change the home internet game by offering more choice and affordability.

“It’s really big business coming in and winning all the time,” Speers said. “What we want to do is provide a service where the average Canadian wins.”

Speers’ solution is Babbl Home Internet. Launched in 2021, Babbl is a home internet reseller that offers reliable, secure, and affordable internet to Western Canadians.

Catch Speer’s full chat with CTV here to learn why resellers are the key to more affordable home internet prices in Canada.

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