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What Will You Do with All the Money You Save on More Affordable Internet?

What Will You Do with All the Money You Save on More Affordable Internet?

What Will You Do with All the Money You Save on More Affordable Internet

The price of Internet access in Canada makes it a luxury for many. But it’s become a necessity as the world slowly transitioned to more cloud-based services — social media, online banking, cloud-based email and more. But your online access doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg — with Babbl, customers in Western Canada. can get more affordable internet without sacrificing quality or connectivity.

The pandemic has moved our lives online, in a big way. Over the last year or so, we’ve embraced Zoom calls, signed up for countless video streaming services, ramped up our online retail therapy game and spent hours learning how to bake bread at home — and posting photos of our attempts.

And once you switch to internet services from Babbl, money is no object when it comes to living your life online. What will you do with all the money you save on more affordable internet with Babbl?

We’ve got a few ideas.

Binge-Watch Your Favourite Show

1. Binge-Watch Your Favourite Show

Netflix, Crave, Disney+, Amazon Prime. The list of streaming services offering new content — and beloved classics — seems to grow longer every day. And the number of Canadian households with multiple streaming accounts is increasing right along with it.

Whether you’re checking out Godzilla vs. Kong, bingeing on Bridgerton or finding comfort in a Disney classics marathon, you’ll enjoy TV time that much more with more affordable internet from Babbl.

2. Video Chat with Friends and Family

When you can’t get together with loved ones in person, video chat platforms offer a chance to safely socialize with family and friends. Celebrating a socially distanced holiday? Organize a group Zoom call. Want to catch up (and de-stress) with friends? Call them through Facebook on your TV.

It doesn’t matter how you connect. With more affordable internet from Babbl, you’ll still enjoy crystal-clear video and voice quality — without the hefty price tag you’d see from other internet service providers.

3. Give Yourself a Day Off

Zoom fatigue is real. And experts say its effects could last for years to come — especially for those of us trying to replace the in-person office experience with video meetings and Slack chats. The constant stress of staring at all your co-workers’ faces at once (not to mention seeing your own face in new ways) can wear out even the most social remote worker.

Babbl to the rescue! Use some of that money you’re saving by getting more affordable internet from Babbl to give yourself permission to take a day off. Just because you’re not in the office, doesn’t mean you don’t need a break.

Pick Up a New Skill

4. Pick Up a New Skill

There’s no shame in not overachieving during a pandemic. (We’ve definitely spent at least a day or two planted on the couch, wishing things were normal again.) But for some, all this extra time at home offers an opportunity to gain skills and learn something new. And for others, online training is a necessity as the pandemic continues to affect job markets.

Courses range from free to fairly pricey, depending on what and where you want to study. (Space Exploration with Chris Hadfield? Yes please!) But you can always put some of your internet bill savings toward improving your mind.

5. Plan Your Next Vacation

The pandemic has put travel plans on hold for people around the world. But as vaccinations start to roll out, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us suffering from wanderlust. Governments are starting to reopen borders, travel restrictions are beginning to ease.

Why not put some of that money you’re saving with more affordable internet from Babbl in a fund for your next trip? Whether you want to drive up to Whistler for some fresh mountain air or fly around the world for a luxury getaway, every little bit helps.

6. Engage in Some Retail Therapy

Let’s face it: the last year has been rough for all of us. Our daily lives were turned upside down. More than half of Canadians say their stress or anxiety levels increased as a result of the pandemic. And retail therapy has become a go-to for many.

Of course, maintaining a balance between what you spend and what you have is important. But with more affordable internet from Babbl, you can give yourself permission to splurge on those new shoes — or that rubber chicken darts game.

Do More with Affordable Internet from Babbl

Babbl offers Western Canadian residents more affordable internet on contract-free plans to help make your life just a little bit nicer. Check to see if we’re available in your city yet, or contact us to learn more about our plans.

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